• Set Sail on an Adventure

    Embark on a thrilling journey where you'll explore vast landscapes, uncover secrets of our planet, and become a steward of the world. Navigate through captivating real-world issues, develop your map skills and discover how geography shapes our lives, as you chart your path to becoming an informed global citizen.

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  • Key Stage 3 Tutoring

    Where Geography curriculum focuses on instilling foundational knowledge and fostering a deep interest in the subject.


    Initial assessment to understand your geography knowledge, pinpointing strengths and areas to focus on.


    Craft personalised lessons tailored to your child's unique learning style and academic needs.


    Break down complex geographic concepts into easy-to-understand terms.


    Engage with visual aids like maps, charts and interactive online tools.


    Relate geography to real-world situations, sparking curioristy and understanding.


    Regular quizzes and reviews to track your progress and reinforce learning.


    Hands-on activities like drawing climate zones or creating landform models.


    Learn basic exam techniques like time management and answer organisation.


    Regular feedback will help motivate and build confidence and guide your learning journey.


    Make Geography fascinating and fun, nurturing a love for the subject.

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    Next, find a time slot that aligns with your schedule. Upon confirmation, you'll automatically receive a link for our private virtual classroom session. Plus, I'll also send you reminder emails about your session to keep you updated.


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    Lastly, make your payment safely and swiftly through our secure payment platform. Now, you're all set for an educational voyage with The Geo Tutor. Let's explore the world together.

  • Bespoke Key Stage 3 Tutoring

    £23 per hour


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