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    Geography success tailored to you: flexible, affordable and personal



    I'm Alexia Taylor

    The Geo Tutor

    MEd, MA Geography in Education, BSc Geography, PGCE, Enhanced DBS




  • The Geo Tutor Services

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    • Use interactive methods and storytelling
    • Emphasise positive reinforcement
    • Structured learning that makes Geography fun








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    • Introduce complex games and activities
    • Use relatable real-life examples
    • Teach note-taking and summarising
    • Improve map reading and data interpretation






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    • All specifications covered, including International GCSE
    • Encourage independent research
    • Use real-world examples
    • Teach revision strategies
    • Advanced map reading and critical thinking skills
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    A - LEVEL

    • All specifications covered, including International A Level
    • Facilitate discussions and debates
    • Promote independent learning
    • Teach exam techniques and stress management


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    • Detailed feedback
    • Alignment with exam criteria
    • Constructive criticism
    • Fast turnaround
    • Individual questions, whole papers and exams






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    Hello and welcome to

    'The Geo Tutor'


    Welcome to The Geo Tutor, your personal gateway to mastering Geography and associated subjects! My name is Alexia Taylor, a passionate and experienced Geography tutor based in Cumbria, offering both in-person and online geography lessons.


    After graduating in Geography from Hull University, I qualified as a teacher and have worked in both State and Independent schools. I hold two Masters degrees, one MA Geography in Education and one in Educational Leadership. I have held positions in Senior Leadership and am a Senior examiner for A Level.


    With a personalised, flexible and affordable approach, I'm dedicated to helping students to grasp and excel in the diverse world of Geography. I have worked with students across the UK, in China, Kenya and Switzerland.


    Through my virtual classroom and drone footage, students have access to a wealth of resources and interactive sessions, regardless of their location. Whether you're preparing for an important exam, needing help with your homework, or merely fascinated by the wonders of our world's landscapes and cultures, The Geo Tutor is here to guide you every step of the way.


    The lessons, whether individual or as a group, are carefully designed to cater to individual learning styles and objectives. Each session is tailored, providing a unique learning experience that makes complex geographical concepts simple and engaging. With a strong commitment to making high quality, individualised geography eduction accessible to all, The Geo Tutor aims to foster a deep appreciation of Geography and its relevance in our everyday lives.


    So whether you're in Cumbria or halfway across the globe, your journey to Geography mastery is just a click away. Dive into the fascinating world of Geography, Environmental Management and Travel and Tourism with The Geo Tutor today. Don't forget to follow me on social media and remember to visit my blog 'The Compass Point' at the bottom of the page, where I share relevant and up to date information related to exam specifications.



    Alexia, The Geo Tutor

  • Discover the Simplicity of Learning with The Geo Tutor - In Three Easy Steps

    Schedule, Pay and Learn-Your personalised Geography tutoring journey is just a click away


    Choose Your Service

    Begin your Geography mastery journey by selecting the tutoring service that suits your academic needs.


    Schedule Your Session

    Next, find a time slot that aligns with your schedule. Upon confirmation, you'll automatically receive a link for our private virtual classroom session. Plus, I'll also send you reminder emails about your session to keep you updated.


    Secure Your Session

    Lastly, make your payment safely and swiftly through our secure payment platform. Now, you're all set for an educational voyage with The Geo Tutor. Let's explore the world together.

  • Flexible and Personalised Geography Tutoring Packages designed to Fit Every Budget.

    Bespoke Key Stage 3 Online Tutoring


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    per hour

    Designed for your child's unique educational needs


    Bespoke 13 + Online Tutoring 


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    per hour

    Designed for your child's unique educational needs


    Bespoke GCSE/IGCSE Online Tutoring


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    per hour

    Designed for your child's unique educational needs


    Bespoke A-Level Online Tutoring


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    per hour

    Designed for your child's unique educational needs


  • Ready to conquer Geography?

    Take the first step towards academic success with The Geo Tutor. Secure your session now for flexible, affordable and personalised Geography tutoring. Online or in person. You are welcome to contact me for a no obligation chat to discuss requirements.

  • What my students are saying...

    “Alexia thank you for all the help you gave S with her geography A-level. She really seemed to enjoy the lessons and we're sure that the one-to-one sessions provided much greater understanding and insight than her classroom lessons were able to do. Most importantly, she was more confident".




    What my Students are Saying

    “Thank you so much for all that you have done for H, can we arrange sessions nearer the time to her November exams, she has enjoyed her geography now and that's all down to you, thank you. ”


    - J -

    What Students are Saying....

    “Thank you SO much for all your brilliant work over the past months. You have really helped E fall back in love with Geography and her marks reflect that absolutely. I am so grateful to you . ”


    - C -

    What Students are Saying

    "My mum and I really appreciate your help and it was a pleasure having you as a tutor. Thank you very much."

    What Students are Saying...

    "Alexia has been an amazing teacher for my son with his geography A level. He said that she explains difficult concepts in a way that he can understand. We are really impressed by her enthusiasm for the subject and knowledge of the course." Juliet March 2024
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  • My Philosophy to tutoring.

    Enjoy engaging and interactive lessons that are bespoke to the students needs.

    Experience a new way of learning with 'Global Perspectives with The Geo Tutor'.


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    In the modern era, urban challenges are multifaceted and ever-evolving. One of the most urgent...
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